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Activity and High-Order Effective Connectivity Alterations in Sanfilippo C Patient-Specific Neuronal Networks

Canals I, Soriano J, Orlandi JG, Torrent R, Richaud-Patin Y, Jiménez-Delgado S, Merlin S, Follenzi A, Consiglio A, Vilageliu L, Grinberg D, Raya A.

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Neoinnervation and neovascularization of acellular pericardial-derived scaffolds in myocardial infarcts

Gálvez-Montón C, Fernandez-Figueras MT, Martí M, Soler-Botija C, Roura S, Perea-Gil I, Prat-Vidal C, Llucià-Valldeperas A, Raya Á, Bayes-Genis A.

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Using iPS Cells toward the Understanding of Parkinson’s Disease

Torrent R, De Angelis Rigotti F, Dell'Era P, Memo M, Raya A, Consiglio A

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November 7, 2015

The CMRB participates in two projects among the 43 funded by La Marató de TV3 2014

The Center of Regenerative Medicine in Barcelona (CMRB) has been awarded by La Marató de TV3 2014 with funding for the coordinated projects.


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