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Long-term in vivo single cell lineage tracing of deep structures using three-photon activation

Tekeli I, Aujard I, Trepat X, Jullien L, Raya A, Zalvidea D.

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Defining the Minimal Factors Required for Erythropoiesis through Direct Lineage Conversion

Capellera-Garcia S, Pulecio J, Dhulipala K, Siva K, Rayon-Estrada V, Singbrant S, Sommarin MNE, Walkley CR, Soneji S, Karlsson G, Raya A, Sankaran VG and Flygare J.

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Early ERK1/2 activation promotes DRP1-dependent mitochondrial fission necessary for cell reprogramming

Prieto J, León M, Ponsoda X, Sendra R, Bort R, Ferrer-Lorente R, Raya A, López-García C, Torres J.

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June 20, 2016

The CMR[B] at the 10th “Festa de la Ciència”

The 10th “Festa de la Ciència” took place in the Ciutadella Park (Barcelona) this last weekend (June 18th-19th) with a great success.

Dr. Olalla Iglesias was the CMR[B] researcher that was in this location sharing with the audience all the research that is developed at our institution.


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