Research and Development

Human embryonic stem cell development in xeno-free conditions and in vivo characterization of their pluripotentiality.

This project addresses stem cell derivation methodology in order to adapt it to a xenobiotic-free system, so that derived stem cells may be useful for clinical applications. In that respect, the in vivo characterization of their differentiation potential is important to assure the biological properties of the in vitro cultures.

Human embryonic stem cell development from abnormal embryos and in vivo characterization of their pluripotentiality

This project proposes the use of embryos discarded for reproductive purposes after preimplantation genetic diagnosis due to their genetic or chromosomal abnormalities. In most cases these embryos will be carriers of monogenic disorders, so the aim of the project is to derive stem cell lines which will be used as models for diseases such as cystic fibrosis or haemophilia. Their banking at the BLCB and their availability for researchers will greatly help the advancement in the study of those diseases.

Cellular Lines Platform within the framework of the Biomolecular and Bioinformatics Resources Platform (PRB2)

The CMRB is a beneficiary of a grant for Platforms to Support Research in Health Sciences and Technologies of the Strategic Action in Health 2013-2016, within the National Plan for R&D&I, granted by the Carlos III Health Institute and co-financed by the European Union for Regional Development (ERDF) for the "Biomolecular and Bioinformatics Resources Platform (PRB2)".

The main mission of the Platform of Cellular Lines within the PRB2 Platform, is obtaining, characterizing and banking human pluripotent stem cell lines (hPSC). It is a support platform for research with hPSC, providing not only the necessary cell lines, but also offering a portfolio of generation and characterization services. This platform also offers technical support, advice and training and promotes interaction among researchers.

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