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Meritxell Rovira

Meritxell Rovira

Meritxell Rovira holds a Bachelor in Biology (2001) from University of Barcelona and a PhD in Health and Life Science (2007) from University Pompeu Fabra. During her PhD she worked in the differentiation of mESC into pancreatic acinar cells under the supervision of Anouchka Skoudy and F.X. Real.

After her PhD she moved to USA in 2008 for her postdoctoral training at Johns Hopkins/School of Medicine to work in Steve D Leach and Mike Parsons laboratories, where she acquired expertise in adult pancreatic progenitors in mouse and zebrafish models. She came back to Barcelona in 2011 as a Marie Curie postdoctoral fellow at Jorge Ferrer laboratory (IDIBAPS) where she gained expertise in the field of epigenetics. After her postdoctoral training, she joined Núria López-Bigas laboratory at IRB as a research associate to stablish and supervise the experimental part of Núria’s lab.

She joined the CMR[B] in 2017 after being awarded with a Jovenes Investigadores fellowship from the Spanish Ministry. The project she will develop at CMR[B] will investigate the transcriptional and epigenetic changes that occur between embryonic ductal progenitors and adult ducts, to identify the molecular mechanisms that restrict the lineage potential of ductal cells.

Selected Publications

  • Castaño J, Aranda S, Bueno C, Calero-Nieto FJ, Mejia-Ramirez E, Mosquera JL, Blanco E, Wang X, Prieto C, Zabaleta L, Mereu E, Rovira M, Jiménez-Delgado S, Matson DR, Heyn H, Bresnick EH, Göttgens B, Di Croce L, Menendez P, Raya A and Giorgetti A. (2019) GATA2 Promotes Hematopoietic Development and Represses Cardiac Differentiation of Human Mesoderm. Stem Cell Rep 13(3):515-529. Epub 2019, Aug 8.
  • Afelik S, Rovira M. (2017) Pancreatic β-cell regeneration: advances in understanding the genes and signaling pathways involved. . Genome Med. 9(1):42. Epub 2017, May 16.
  • Afelik S, Rovira M. (2017) Erratum to: Pancreatic β-cell regeneration: advances in understanding the genes and signaling pathways involved. . Genome Med. 9(1):52.
  • Afelik S, Rovira M. (2016) Pancreatic β-cell regeneration: Facultative or dedicated progenitors? Mol Cell Endocrinol S0303-7207(16)30467-1.
  • Beer RL, Parsons MJ, Rovira M. (2016) Centraocinar cells: At the center of pancreas regeneration. Dev Biol 413(1):8-15.
  • Delaspre F*, Beer RL*, Rovira M, Huang W, Wang G, Gee S, Vitery Mdel C, Wheelan SJ, Parsons MJ. (2015) Centroacinar cells are progenitors that contribute to endocrine pancreas regeneration. Diabetes 64(10):3499-509. *authors contributed equally to this work.
  • Cebola I*, Rodríguez-Seguí SA*, Cho CH*, Bessa J*, Rovira M*, Luengo M, Chhatriwala M, Berry A, Ponsa-Cobas J, Maestro MA, Jennings RE, Pasquali L, Morán I; Castro N, Hanley NA, Gomez Skarmeta JL, Vallier L, Ferrer J. (2015) TEAD and YAP regulate the enhancer network of human embryonic pancreatic progenitors. Nat Cell Biol 17(5):615-26. *authors contributed equally to this work.
  • Rovira M, Ferrer J. (2015) Weaning gives β cells license to regenerate. Dev Cell 32(5): 531-2.
  • Thorens B, Tarussio D, Maestro MA, Rovira M, Heikkilä E, Ferrer J. (2015) Ins1 Cre knock-in mice for beta cell-specific gene recombination. Diabetologia 58(3):558-65.
  • Wang YJ, Bailey JM, Rovira M, Leach SD. (2013) Sphere-forming assays for assessment of benign and malignant pancreatic stem cells. Methods in molecular biology Clifton, N.J. 980 (281-90). (Book chapter)
  • Manfroid I, Ghaye A, Naye F, Detry N, Palm S, Pan L, Ma TP, Huang W, Rovira M, Martial JA, Parsons MJ, Moens CB, Voz ML, Peers B. (2012) Zebrafish sox9b is crucial for hepatopancreatic duct development and pancreatic endocrine cell regeneration. Dev Biol 366(2):268-78.
  • Rovira M, Huang W, Yusuff S, Shim JS, Ferrante AA, Liu JO, Parsons MJ. (2011) Chemical screen identifies FDA-approved drugs and target pathways that induce precocious pancreatic endocrine differentiation. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 108(48):19264-9.
  • Wang Y, Rovira M, Yusuff S, Parsons MJ. (2011) Genetic inducible fate mapping in larval zebrafish reveals origins of adult insulin-producing β-cells. Development 138(4):609-17.
  • Rovira M, Scott SG, Liss AS, Jensen J, Thayer SP, Leach SD. (2010) Isolation and characterization of centroacinar/terminal ductal progenitor cells in adult mouse pancreas. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 107(1):75-80.
  • Wescott MP, Rovira M, Reichert M, von Burstin J, Means A, Leach SD, Rustgi AK. (2009) Pancreatic ductal morphogenesis and the Pdx1 homeodomain transcription factor. Mol Biol Cell 20(22):4838-44.
  • Rovira M, Delaspre F, Massumi M, Serra SA, Valverde MA, Lloreta J, Dufresne M, Payré B, Konieczny SF, Savatier P, Real FX, Skoudy A. (2008) Murine embryonic stem cell-derived pancreatic acinar cells recapitulate features of early pancreatic differentiation. Gastroenterology 135(4):1301-1310.
  • Rovira M, Jané-Valbuena J, Marchand M, Savatier P, Real FX, Skoudy A. (2007) Viral-mediated coexpression of Pdx1 and p48 regulates exocrine pancreatic differentiation in mouse ES cells. Cloning Stem Cells 9(3):327-38.
  • Skoudy A, Rovira M, Savatier P, Martin F, León-Quinto T, Soria B, Real FX. (2004) Transforming growth factor TGFbeta, fibroblast growth factor FGF and retinoid signalling pathways promote pancreatic exocrine gene expression in mouse embryonic stem cells. Biochem J 379(Pt 3):749-56.

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