What is The CMR[B] Research Center?

The CMR[B] Research Center, which comprises basic and applied research laboratories, works together with the Stem Cell Bank and with the banks and laboratories of other research centers, universities and hospitals. It is the largest and most complex structural component of the CMR[B].

The activities of the Research Center focus on research on regenerative medicine, which makes use of cell and tissue therapy to replace cells and tissues damaged or lost as a result of degenerative diseases. Potential fields of clinical application of the results of the research into regenerative medicine include, among others:

  • Cardiovascular medicine
  • Neurodegenerative diseases
  • Osteoarticular degenerative pathology
  • Certain endocrine diseases (diabetes)
  • Others

At the same time, basic studies in developmental biology focus on:

  • Basic research on early embryonic development with different animal models and cell differentiation.
  • Mechanisms of organogenesis.
  • Mechanisms of cell, tissue and organ regeneration.

The Research Centre also promotes the training of specialized research personnel, in collaboration with other institutions.


    Our mission is to carry out research into the field of stem cells , regeneration and embryonic development.

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