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Relación de archivos de audio en inglés de las principales revistas científicas.

Periódicamente iremos incorporando todos aquellos podcast que se publiquen sobre medicina regenerativa y células madre.


Nature present interviews with leaders in the various fields of stem cell research and a live discussion on the various scientific and ethical problems that this exciting field is revealing.

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Streaming videos that feature interviews with scientists behind the research and analysis from Nature editors.

Selected Videos:

Cell architecture

The gateway to the nucleus is described in detail in a coup for computational biology, published in two papers in Nature.
The human genome

Interviews with leading scientists behind one of the biggest scientific projects ever undertaken - the Human Genome Project.

SCIENCE - 1 FEBRUARY 2008 What's Next for Stem-Cell Research; Languages Evolve in Bursts; Human-Induced Changes in Hydrology:

What's next for induced pluripotent stem cells and embryonic stem cells; how languages sometimes evolve in bursts of vocabulary changes; predicted water shortages because of human-induced changes in hydrology; and more. (35 minutes)

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SCIENCE - 21 DECEMBER 2007 The Breakthroughs of the Year, 2007

Human genetic variation helps track down diseases; inducing fibroblasts into pluripotent stem cells; tracing cosmic bullets back to their source; and more.

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SCIENCE - 23 NOVEMBER 2007 Science Podcast: Pluripotent Stem Cells; Addressing Global Climate Change; Social Comparison in the Brain

Inducing adult cells back to a pluripotent stem cell state; how the issue of climate change is growing in urgency; physical evidence that social comparisons matter to the brain; and more. (36 minutes)

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SCIENCE - 01 JUNE 2007 Human Bipedalism, Teaching Science Teachers, Climate Change and Rainfall, and More

Some surprising ideas on when we learned to walk upright; universities work to build the next generation of science teachers; the wet side of warming; and more. (30 minutes)

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SCIENCE - 12 JANUARY 2007 Modern Human Origins, Fuel Cells, the Trichomonas Genome, and More

New dating of early modern human migrations and dispersal; progress in fuel cells for transportation; the gene sequence of a common STD; and more (33 minutes)

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SCIENCE - 13 OCTOBER 2006 New Targets for Cancer Therapy, the ITER Saga, How the Brain Makes Faces, and More

Improving monoclonal antibody therapy for cancer; the trials and tribulations of building the world's biggest nucler-fusion experiment; thoughts on the neurobiology of face recognition; and more. (30 minutes)

SCIENCE - 21 JULY 2006 Declining Bee Diversity, Selling Stem Cell Treatments, Assessing the NCCAM

Pollination in peril in two European countries; the controversy over some untested stem cell therapies; debating the future of the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine; and more. (30 minutes)

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CELL - 20 December 2007: An immune molecule that works in the nervous system and a gene important for pigmentation in fish and humans.

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CELL - 6 September 2007: A potential new class of bactericidal antibiotics and long distance interactions between chromsomes

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CELL - 14 June 2007: Switched-off kinases, technologies to transform the research enterprise, and coaxing a human pathogen

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CELL - 8 March 2007: Making mouse knockouts en masse, the science of sun tanning, and silencing jumping genes

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CELL - 1 December 2006: Cell: A Review of 2006

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