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5th May 2017

IDIBELL and CMRB launch a new Catalan Regenerative Medicine Program

IDIBELL and CMRB launch a new Catalan Regenerative Medicine Program
IDIBELL and CMRB launch a new Catalan Regenerative Medicine Program

From next June onwards, the Clinical Translational Program for Regenerative Medicine in Catalonia (P-CMR [C]) will be located in the IDIBELL facilities of Duran i Reynals Hospital. Setting up the P-CMR[C] will enable the creation of between 4 and 6 new research groups that will carry out their activity in the new facilities. In addition to that, and given its multidisciplinary nature, the program will also include research groups working in the field of Regenerative Medicine from other institutions in Catalonia. At the same time, the scientific and technical services of CMR[B] and the Barcelona Stem Cell Bank (BCL-B), the Catalan node of the National Bank of Stem Cells (BNCL), will also be part of the new program.

The creation of the P-CMR[C], approved by the Catalan government on October 6th, 2015, aims to capitalize on the position of CMR[B] as a linking agent for research on stem cells in Catalonia and to catalyze the clinical translation of the research in regenerative medicine. The direction of this new program will be carried out by Dr. Ángel Raya, current director of the CMR[B]. The program will also include a clinical co-direction under the responsibility of Dr. Antoni Bayés-Genís, clinical researcher at the Germans Trias i Pujol Institute, who will help consolidate the multidisciplinary orientation of the program and strengthen the translation of research into clinical practice.

Research at P-CMR[C] will clearly focus on the development of high-impact regenerative medicine strategies for patients, mainly in the context of heart failure, neurodegenerative diseases, non-malignant hematological diseases and age-related macular degeneration.

The integration of the P-CMR[C] in IDIBELL will also entail the creation of new spaces to host scientific and technical services. Besides existing platforms in IDIBELL, such as the clinical trials unit, animal facilites, biobank, proteomics, genomics and cytomic units and statistical services, the P-CMR[B] will bring bioimaging and histology services, flow cytometry, embryonic micromanipulation, advanced cell culture and aquatic animals.

In order to host the P-CMR[C], the IDIBELL is carrying out a remodeling of its spaces. The project, funded by the Department of Health with competitive ERDF co-financing (ECO / 1823/2015/2015 ERDF / S-19), began in early 2017 and will end by the end of May 2017. The funding received and received by both the CMRB and IDIBELL rendered this process feasible. Thus, the P-CMR [C] is expected to begin its activity its activity next June. IDIBELL kindly welcomes this new research program, the BCL-B, the new scientific-technical core facilities and all their staff.

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