Bioimaging and histology

The CMR[B] platforms are designed as areas for cooperation between technical specialists and researchers.
For the development of the scientific objectives, each platform addresses the way to approach and establish the processes, using the most suitable techniques and most precise equipment. With this aim in mind, highly sophisticated equipment and technology, as well as specialised personnel, have been incorporated onto each platform.

With a constant and dynamic model of information exchange between the different platforms, it is possible to complete and interrelate the different studies and experiments being carried out.

This coordination between the different technical specialists and researchers in the centre ensures we have highly efficient, high-quality services.

The bioimaging platform is designed to provide CMR[B] researchers with microscopes of all dimensions, from the standard optical microscope (embedded in paraffin, morphological studies and molecular detections) and the most advanced optical microscope (multi-photon confocal laser microscope for 3-dimensional and in vivo studies), to the high-resolution and magnifying capacity of the electron microscope (scanning and transmission electron microscope for ultrastructural studies).

As a result, the platform comprises a histology area, where all the samples are prepared using different techniques, and a microscopy area. The scientific problem is therefore tackled from different angles by adapting the tools used to each different objective, and forever searching for the latest methodologies developed in this field.



Electron Microscopy (EM):

Optical Microscopy  (OM):

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