Flow Cytometry Unit

The flow cytometry is a quantitative and qualitative analysis and particles separation technique (cells, bacteria, chromosomes, organelles, etc.), able to quantify, with speed and sensibility, multiples parameters in a simultaneous way.

This technique consists in passing cells aligned in front of a laser and then measuring the light emitted by each of the cells as they pass through. Thus, the system measures on one hand the degree of light scattering (indicator of size, shape and structure of the particle) and on the other hand, if the particles have been stained with one or more fluorescent molecules. The laser excites these molecules providing additional biological information related to each individual particle, as metabolic activity, DNA content or the presence of certain intracellular or surface markers.  In a precise way, the optical and electronic system collect both scattered light and the fluorescence emitted by each particle and then converted into a digital signal that can be interpreted by the computer for analysis.

Our flow cytometry service provides scientific community high-tech equipment for multicolor analysis and cell separation at high speed. This unit works closely with the Cell Culture Unit and the Stem Cell Bank to adapt new protocols in cell characterization and purification for stem cell research.

The unit consists of 2 flow cytometers, a Gallios analyzer equipped with 3 lines (violet, blue and red) and 10 fluorescence detectors (2 + 5 + 3 respectively) and a MoFlo XDP as a cell sorter. This modular flow cytometer from the brand BeckmanCoulter is equipped with three lasers (one blue of solid state of 488nm, a red diode of 635nm and an argon ion UV laser of 351nm), 9 fluorescence detectors and offers 4 ways of simultaneous separation.

The configuration of our cell sorter allows the necessary precision to isolate different cell populations from a culture, tissue or heterogeneous organ. Our flow cytometers stand out mainly because they are a modular, versatile and flexible systems, offering the researcher the possibility of finding the best equipment configuration that best suits the needs of each experiment or particular application. Besides allowing cell separation at high speed, it does it with purities up to 98%, and maintaining cell viability and functionality.

Some of the applications of our services:

-Cell sorting (purity mode)
-Cell sorting (enrichment mode)
-Multicolour Immunophenotyping
-Cell cycle analysis in living or fixed cells
-Viability and vitality assays
-Gene expression analysis


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