Cell culture

The Cell Culture Platform is a core unit in our Center designed to provide scientists from the CMR[B] with a wide range of services and technical assistance in stem cell, embryo and tissue culture research.

The platform offers equipment, liquid nitrogen cell storage tanks, cell culture supplies and reagents as well as a number of services including screening for mycoplasma detection, protocol advice, and technical support. In addition, the platform maintains a cryogenic cell bank that includes both stem cell lines and established cell lines, which are available for CMR[B] researches.

The facility consists of 5 tissue culture rooms equipped with state-of-the-art technology that are localized at strategic areas of the Center. Two of these rooms are reserved for stem cell manipulation and another one is classified as a biosecurity level 2 area.

The Culture Platform is tightly vinculated to the CMR[B] Stem Cell bank whose mission is to generate, characterize and maintain human embryonic stem cell lines.


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